Autism and Medical Cannabis 

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that’s complex. In some cases, it can impact communication, your motor skills, your development intellectually, and so much more. it’s a spectrum, so it’s not something that’s one size fits all in terms of this condition, and it’s something that doesn’t really have one cause pinpointed. Some people say that… Continue reading Autism and Medical Cannabis 

Hemp Oil and CBD Oil: The Differences 

Both of these oils are good for the body and help to curb inflammation.  Hemp oil, however, is a lot more in various health supplements, and is added in many cases to foods too. CBD is something that’s a bit more therapeutic.  Hemp Oil Hemp oil is something that’s taken directly from the seeds of… Continue reading Hemp Oil and CBD Oil: The Differences 

How to Beat Cannabis Hangovers 

Cannabis hangovers happen when you have too much cannabis during a short period of time. similar to alcohol, you may experience dehydration, nausea, dry eyes, and dry mouth, but they’re a lot more tolerable compared to hangovers, and in this, you’ll learn how to beat them.  So what are they exactly?  It’s similar to how… Continue reading How to Beat Cannabis Hangovers 

Four Drugs that Contain THC or CBD 

If you’re looking to use cannabis to help with various ailments you’re not alone. While it is considered a Scheduled I substance, and therefore something with supposedly “no therapeutic value” there are actually prescriptions that are cannabinoid-based in this. In this, we’ll go over them, and also what they can do for you.  Dronabinol  This is synthetic… Continue reading Four Drugs that Contain THC or CBD 

Activated Charcoal for Growing weed 

Most cannabis growers work with the normal tools, but did you know that activated charcoal can be the tool that you need. This is something that can help in your growing room, and along the joint tips.  Here, is what activated charcoal can do for you.  What is it?  This is basically something that people… Continue reading Activated Charcoal for Growing weed 

Cannabis and Liver disease 

Some people who suffer from liver disease are looking for the possibility of people using cannabis to help with this. The liver is necessary for our survival, since it takes in everything that we ingest, and then detoxifies the rest of this, so that when it’s ejected, it’s ejected. It’s right below the diaphragm, and this comes… Continue reading Cannabis and Liver disease